Yet Another Strategic Inflection Point

Awhile back I wrote a post about being at a strategic inflection point. It’s your proverbial fork in the road. Right now I can either give up and go back to an unsafe work environment or enlist a lawyer and fight for a paid leave of absence. I do not know what to do. I’m crying again. I’m fighting depression. On top of all this, I still have other responsibilities. I need to clear my incompletes, write a 15-20 page paper and take care of my family. I’m here to tell you that life doesn’t stop just because you’re in war. I need to clear my mind. How to do that, I don’t know, but I have to!

Which way do I turn???


3 thoughts on “Yet Another Strategic Inflection Point

  1. Leila, I’m curious, did they prohibit the parent from the school? I’ve been threatened before by a parent, however, she did not act upon it. I do understand your fear because you just never know! But I refused to allow one ignorant person to prevent me from doing my job and earning a living.

    If you enlist an attorney I imagine you would have to pay for the expense. You must decide if you want to do this first. What does your husband suggest?

    When I need to clear my mind, I write. Maybe you could write a list of pros and cons and possible outcomes of each choice.

  2. Yes, the parent has been banned from the campus, but not her people. who are extra thuggish and rowdy.
    I’ve thought about returning but just can’t risk it. It’s not only one ignorant person, it was a lot of extra stuff that has lead to my decision. It is time for me to be selfish and think about myself.

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