Missing Them! Part 2

***Warning- This post is long!***

I am really beginning to miss my students. We had so much fun in my class. They knew me and I knew them. It was a good atmosphere, as long as Nu wasn’t present. When he did participate, it was great. I had nicknames for them. It was a funny little cast of characters.

Pink Socks- This little girl was so sassy. She was so talented. She could sing, draw, & dance. The funniest thing about her is that she had a seemingly endless supply of pink socks. Hence the name. She would always take her shoes off and walk around the class. I would tell her to put her shoes back on because I didn’t want to smell her little stinky twinkies.

Tag- He hated me at first. He did not want to be in special ed. He hated me because I was the special ed teacher. He refused to come in my class. If he did come in he would sit in the corner and cry. He became one of my favorite people. He would share his snacks with me. I would give him snacks. The one thing that I loved about him is that he was so eager to learn. He was aware that he didn’t know as much as he could. I had a long talk with him when he finally did come into the class. I asked him if he really wanted to read and he said yes. I told him that it wasn’t easy, but he could do it. He has been impressing me ever since.

Ann- A recent addition who fit in right from the first day. The one who I called Pink Socks for half the day. Thank goodness she forgave me. She was the sweetest little girl.

Sunny- Oh, my sweet little Sunny. I will miss her so much. She was not a talker; never had much to say, but when she talked, I listened. Everyone in the class took up for her. In fact, most of the people in the school took up for her.

Joe Shmo- One of the smallest 5th graders. He had a razor sharp mind. He challenged me and made me think many times. He was very artistic. I constantly complimented him on his artistic talent.

Joe Shmo II- This was a true mama’s boy. When he first came he was so unruly. His being a mama’s boy is actually how I got him under control. His last teacher told me to ask him if he wanted someone treating his mother like he was treating me. He said no. I told him that my sons didn’t like the way he was treating me. He got it.

Bollie- A smart little boy who I wanted out of my class in a good way. I think he could have made it in a general ed. class with support. He cried the first time he got in trouble. I felt so bad. He never got into trouble after that. He was a very good little boy.

Jon- A bit of a wise-cracking, smack talking little boy. We had a tough time in the beginning, but we were finally starting to get it together before I left. He definitely had the gift of gab. I had to find things around the classroom for him to do to try to help him control them lips. Boy could he flap ’em.

Lex- He was a walking contradiction. He was very respectful to adults, but he loved to fight. He was pretty good at it too. He told me that he fought because he couldn’t read. Yeah, he was aware of why he was fighting. That was one of the things I loved about him. When I first met him, I told him that I knew he was bad, but that I liked him anyway; and that we were going to get along fine. And we did. Only once or twice did I have to threaten to call his mother

Sandoval- Again, another smart kid I wanted out of my class in a good way.

Murphy- Had a 100-watt smile. He was such a gentleman; always ready with a compliment.

Curly Top- He was so eager to learn. He would tell me that he was learning. He said it with such a big smile on his face.

Michael- He was mainstreamed for most of the day. I only saw him in the afternoon. He was quite a handful. One minute he could be the sweetest thing. The next minute he’d be calling me baldheaded. Amazingly enough, I still miss him.

Hallel- Oh, how this child has matured and grown in the past year. I pushed him so hard last year; sometimes a little too hard. I had to back off him and let him be him. That’s when he came out of his shell. I’m so glad he did.

And last is Nu. Believe it or not, he had some very endearing qualities. He had a fantastic smile and a funny sense of humor. The flipside- well, you know the flipside. I’m tired of talking about it. Suffice it to say that I earned this break the hard way.

The love that I have for them is so great, I am tempted to go back. However, as long as my safety is a concern, that is not even an option. I am really going to miss them!


4 thoughts on “Missing Them! Part 2

  1. I used to give my students names as well based on their personalities. They loved it!

    You can always carry them in your heart! I will miss my current kids once I am at my new placement in the fall. And I always miss my seniors!

  2. I am going to carry them in my heart. I cannot believe how much I miss them. I am wondering about them, wondering if they are getting their needs met.

  3. I’m not a teacher, but I felt the heart behind your posting. I’m sorry it ended that way, but you know the saying, “when one door closes…” Maybe that experience was just a precursor for what is to come..to prepare you for your permanent class that will likely bring you even a greater degree of joy than this one did. Keep those precious babies in your hearts. The memories you have for them will fuel you through your next journey.

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