She’s Not Heavy…

My sister, Darice, moved down the street. Now, her 11 year old daughter goes to school with David, while her 7 year old daughter goes to school with Phillise. We have an arrangement. Phillip or I drop all the kids off in the morning while Darice picks them up in the evening. Well, a couple times Darice was unable to pick them up, so the responsibility of dropping off and picking up the kids reverted back to us.  To top it off,  my 7 year old niece (who’s a little precocious) had to stay home from school one day. The next day I took her to the doctor since my sister didn’t get off work until later. Not only that, I wanted my 11 year old niece to stay, not my 7 year old niece. However, my sister wanted some rest, so I let her stay, but was pretty p.o.’d about it

Well, on top of all that, she got into a car accident yesterday. She was rear-ended while getting off the freeway. The man wasn’t paying attention. When she came over after work, once I saw her car, I started tearing up. I gave her a hug. She didn’t know what to do. She was in a state of shock. I told her that I’d pick up the kids for her; that she just needed to go home and rest. Things have been going so badly for her right now. It’s very fortunate that I can help.

I was bitter, thinking that this arrangement was not working. I was starting to feel put upon. I was starting to resent my sister. But, I started thinking on my way home. I’m looking at this the wrong way. I shouldn’t be resenting my sister. I should be glad that I am in a position to help her right now. You see, my sister is just like me. She does not ask for help. She’s a single mom and has been for a couple of years. She does everything all by herself. I actually admire her. Until I stopped to think about everything, I didn’t realize that my sister needed help. Now, I do. I will do what I can for her because she’s not heavy, she’s my sister!


3 thoughts on “She’s Not Heavy…

  1. I feel like this sometimes regarding the people I help. And sometimes I get caught up in what they are not doing for me! But you are right in that we should feel blessed by the opportunities that we have to serve others.

  2. You know I’m about to cry, right? You have always had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve met throughout my life, even when we were still teenagers. Sometimes when we are feeling overwhelmed or put upon, God swoops down and puts it in perspective for us and those of us who have open hearts are wise enough to receive the message. And you are DEFINITELY one of those people. I’m sure your sister cherishes you daily, even if she may not say it out loud.

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