Subject & Predicate

I have been out of ideas for clever titles, but am back now and better than ever. I love the title; I don’t love the subject. I spoke to my assistant and she told me that my class has been horrible in my absence. And the whole problem is because my student’s behavior is predicated on my presence; on me being there.  I don’t want my class’ success predicated on me. I want to teach them to be able to perform no matter who’s there. So far I haven’t been able to do that because every time I’ve been out of the classroom, for whatever reason, they have behaved horribly.

How do I do that? Does anyone have any advice?


One thought on “Subject & Predicate

  1. Hello,

    I just recently found your blog and have been enjoying the archives immensely. I’m so glad I have potentially helpful advice for you here! I’ve worked as sub for two years now and have seen MANY classrooms where the successful fuctioning was based only on the teacher’s presence.

    Of the classrooms I’ve subbed in that run well, I think it’s mostly down to the routines and students’ ownership of the routines. The paper passer will come up to me and ask me what I need; the student in charge of lunch count will make sure everyone has indicated their lunch choice; the calendar math helper will run a fifteen minute lesson on the date. It is like clockwork – all I have to be there for is to read difficult words and get things off of high shelves.

    I have a suspicion that these students also have a deep understanding of the reasons behind the rules. They know that they should not talk when others are talking because A) it is rude and B) it keeps them from learning. They have a respect for their fellow classmates that is a rare thing in students, and I would imagine this is because their teacher shows his/her respect for them.

    Wow, that turned into a little essay there. I hope this helps!

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