Speaking Of…

This is a silly post. It’s totally random, but I just wanted to write it.

The way I speak now is like a broken record now. Why? Because when I speak English, people ask me what language I’m speaking. When I speak Spanish, I get asked to slow down because I talk so fast. When I was younger,  a lot of people could not understand me because of the rapidity of my speech.

When I was younger, a guy actually came up to me and my sister and asked us what language we were speaking.

“Well, English, of course,” we responded.

He didn’t believe us. That’s when I knew I had to slow my speech down. I know this seems totally random, but I mention this to say that I was wondering why I speak the way I do. I have a certain pattern that’s unlike the rest of my family. Once I thought about it I realized that I say a couple of words, hesitate and then resume. (It’s like poetry.) I realize I do that to allow people to catch up to me.

Well, that’s one mystery solved!

That’s why