At What Point?…

At what point do you take a threat on your life seriously? Is it when the person says it once? Twice?

When they’re 12? 13? 14?

Well, how about 8?

Yep, that’s right, 8!!!

I have been the recipient of death threats and threats of other physical harm from an 8 year old and his mother who I believed had the ability to act on his threats. I work in a very rough area where daily violence is definitely a reality. So, when the school police suggested that I should not take the threats seriously because the child was only 8 years old, I was livid. I know that, if you’ve never dealt with this situation, that this may sound a bit paranoid, but trust me it’s not.

I am scheduled to return to work next week. But the situation is still unresolved. The child is still there. I may have to have contact with this parent from hell. I don’t want to go back but have to do silly little things like have money to pay the bills. So staying out any longer is not an option. I have to go back.

That is why I would like to hear someone else’s take on this. Should I have taken these threats seriously? What would you have done?

One thought on “At What Point?…

  1. Be confident this kid is mad at you but I am sure he wants a reason to love you…be fair, talk with this child find out what is bothering him and how you can help him. What does he need? Using letters, pictures, art, or a project is sometimes a good way for a child to express themselves. Be honest. Talk to his parents and let them know that you want to help and work with them and their child and if necessary know that if it happens and you are scared, the police are there for this reason. I do hope you have resolved this and this child is now loving you. Sometimes needs come to us in unexpected ways. Sometimes just having the ability to listen is all that is needed. I do hope you listen to him and to yourself and get the needed resolve you are hearing. Counselors or a social worker may be a good person to talk with.

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