Mean Me!

I feel so bad. I yelled at Phillise today. She was crying so much I just wanted her to stop crying. I have three boys. I am not used to all that crying. I felt so helpless. She saw a bug in her room and started panicking. OOOOOOh, it drove me so crazy. I totally did not handle it the right way.

Finally Finished…

I’ve done it. I’ve finally finished my Literature Review. I thought I’d never finish. I was so frustrated and close to tears on more than one occasion. However, my husband helped me hold it together. I finished it @ about 4:20 today. It was due @ 5 p.m. So, I’d say that I made it in the nick of time. The problem was that I made it harder than it was. It really wasn’t hard to do. I just had a hard time getting started.

I am so happy I’m finished, I could cry. Tears of joy this time!

Writing Techniques/Programs

We had a guest speaker in class today. Her name was  Dr. Schneider from the Frostig Institute in Pasadena. It was very good information. I was falling asleep so bad. But it was mostly because I stayed up ’til 4 a.m. this morning trying to finish my literature review. After I write this, I will put the finishing touches on it so I can turn it in tomorrow. Just in case you’re interested in the topic, it’s Multiple Intelligences and its Implications for Special Education.

One of the many  things about LMU, they believe in exposing us to many programs and place. I will write all about it later. Bye for now!

Totally Random….

This is totally random, but one of my pet peeves is loud chewing and noise while eating. There are these chips that I buy from Smart N’ Final that are so crunchy. Whoever eats them is going to make a loud crunching noise. My husband and my middle son Dakota are such loud chewers that I actually stopped buying the chips at one point.

That’s it. That’s the whole point of my post. Bye!

Still At It…

Yes, dear readers. I am still at it. What is it? The “It” in question being me sabotaging myself. I have to complete my literature review by Thursday. Yet, I am listening to oh, so important music on YouTube and surfing the oh, so important gossip blogs. Why can’t I just get this out the way? My professor already said absolutely no extensions.

Why do I do this?????????????

Speaking Of…

This is a silly post. It’s totally random, but I just wanted to write it.

The way I speak now is like a broken record now. Why? Because when I speak English, people ask me what language I’m speaking. When I speak Spanish, I get asked to slow down because I talk so fast. When I was younger,  a lot of people could not understand me because of the rapidity of my speech.

When I was younger, a guy actually came up to me and my sister and asked us what language we were speaking.

“Well, English, of course,” we responded.

He didn’t believe us. That’s when I knew I had to slow my speech down. I know this seems totally random, but I mention this to say that I was wondering why I speak the way I do. I have a certain pattern that’s unlike the rest of my family. Once I thought about it I realized that I say a couple of words, hesitate and then resume. (It’s like poetry.) I realize I do that to allow people to catch up to me.

Well, that’s one mystery solved!

That’s why