But, I Can Only Read Those Books!

“But, I can only read those books! ” said one of my students, Mike, as he pointed to the Bob books on the shelf.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

We talked about the reasons for his misbehavior. I intervened when he was misbehaving with my assistant. I realized that he was misbehaving because he didn’t think he could “do” the test. So, we talked for a minute as I pointed out High Frequency Words (HFW) and sight words. He was amazed that he could read words in the passage of the test.

I let him know that they were the same words no matter where they were. I would like to say that he took his time and diligently read the test, but I can’t. He dashed through the test and circled any answer. However, the good part is that he realized that he could read other books besides the Bob books and other “easy” books he’s been reading from. I’m glad he brought it up because I would not have thought he thought that he could only read from certain books. It’s amazing how kids think! I can use this information in the future!

It’s nice to know!

Bye for now!