Ellen’s 11 Star Spectacular Super Deluxe Hotel by Larry Schwarz

Ellen’s 11 Star Spectacular Super Deluxe Hotel, written by Larry Schwartz & illustrated by Kelly Denato, is the perfect little book to use with the Open Court Imagination Unit. I guess everyone’s feeling the crunch, ’cause this book is my most recent purchase from Barnes & Noble. It was a great buy: $3.99 for a hardcover book.


On to the review. I would say this book is for someone as young as 3-4 years old. It is the cutest little book. The young heroine, Ellen, lives in an 11-Star spectacular, super deluxe hotel. Her life is fabulous. She has a pet monster who she feeds. She’s a world famous detective who foils jewel heists. That’s a pretty tall order for an 8 year old.

Her life is so exciting. Well, not really. It’s actually a motel outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. She experiences  a series of adventures. Or does she? I guess you’re going to have to read it and find out what happens?

I really like this book for use with the 3rd grade OCR Imagination unit. Check it out!


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