Happenings & Things To Do In South Central L.A. & Surrounding Areas

Necessity truly is the mother of invention. While I am grateful for L.A. Parent magazine, all of the happenings are in the outerlying areas of L.A., like Torrance to Pasadena, even as far away as LaCañada Flintridge. I don’t mind traveling sometimes, but LaCañada Flintridge is way too far for a 2 hour event that I could find closer in.

That’s why I’m going to put out a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter (I haven’t decided yet) for those who want something a little closer than Torrance, Pasadena or LaCañada Flintridge. I will compile a listing of things in the surrounding areas of free or very low-cost activities to do with your children and family this summer. I wish I would have thought of it sooner. I know it’s because I have more time. Last year at this time the only things I wanted to do was sleep and absolutely nothing. That is not the case now. I’m so less stressed now. I am very, very near to completing my Master’s/Credential program, so my mind is clearer. I’m adjusting to life with much more time on my hand. Something I haven’t had a lot of these past couple years. Now that I have the time, I plan on using it wisely.

Here’s to the summer and having fun with your family! Bye for now!!!


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