Warehouse 13- My Newest Sci-fi leasure!

One thing about being a Sci-fi junkie is that I don’t have to apologize for loving it. Well, my newest Sci-fi pleasure is Warehouse 13. It show a lot of promise. The only problem I have with the show is the acting skills, or lack thereof, of the female lead character. I can see her getting better, but now, she sucks. Big time. The male lead makes up for it though. Also, I love Saul Rubinek’s & CCH Pounder’s characters as Dr. Artie Nielsen & Mrs. Frederick, respectively.

Here’s the Wikipedia page. Check it out if you’d like.


Lakeshore Coupon- 50% off

Here’s the Lakeshore coupon I just received in my e-mail. If you would like to receive your own, either go to the nearest Lakeshore or sign up on the website. I don’t remember which way I completed mine, however, at any rate, here it is.

Present this coupon at time of purchase.
©Lakeshore coupon code: 32752
Limit one per customer. Offer valid 7/6/09-7/31/09. In-store purchases only. Limit one item per coupon, per transaction. Purchase one item at regular price and receive the second item of equal or lesser value at 50% off its regular price. Excludes the sales tax and shipping charges. No ship-to or special orders. Not valid on furniture, easels or carpets. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers, prior purchases, sale items or gift cards. No cash value. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Teacher’s Club members only.


Changing My Way of Thinking

Dear Readers,

I have a little something to tell you. Like to hear it, here it goes. For as long as I have worked at my current job, I have told anyone that would listen that my job is sooo hard, I am so put upon, the kids are bad, etc. I didn’t really mean it. Well, maybe a little. Anyway, all that has changed. I don’t badmouth my students anymore. They are some good kids. I have really grown to love them over the years.

Everything- this new change of attitude began when I returned from my leave of absence. Well, it actually began before that. Many in my program were asking if I was going to return to my job. I answered yes. “Pobrecita,” was one of the responses. Initially I felt the same way. Why do I have to go back to that wretched place. So, I entertained the naysayers. That is until I actually returned to my students and was welcomed back with open arms. My students love me so much. No matter how hard I was on them, they could not wait for me to return. I called them a couple of times. They told me they didn’t want another teacher. I told them I would be hard on them again. They were okay with it.

So, fast forward to my return and the love of my students. Not only the love of my students, but the love of my wonderful assistant, the other teachers who missed me, and a host of others who welcomed me back. I was truly missed. Not only that, I realized, once I returned, that I missed it also. While it is true that some of my students have behavior problems, my class is no different from any other class.

So, while do not love every aspect of my job, I do love the children. That’s why, now, whenever, anyone hears anything about my students, they will hear how wonderful they are.

Blogoholically yours,