The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau

quiltmaker's giftThe Quiltmaker’s Gift (2000), written by Jeff Brumbeau and illustrated by Gail de Marcken, was a wonderful book. I plan on purchasing this and reading it to my class. As I sat in the bookstore, in the middle of the aisle, so engrossed was I in the story, I didn’t realize that I was blocking the way for other patrons.

I saw the front cover and just had to know what the inside held. This book is good for ages 3 yrs. -jr. high school. This book would be good for parents who have children who are having problems sharing or who like to hoard things, and it would also be good as a read-aloud for a classroom teacher. It would have to be over a couple of days ’cause it’s a little long.

Now, on to the review. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The illustrations are wonderful. They are very colorful and full of life. The illustrations alone will capture your attention and make you want to purchase the book before even reading it. The text will let you know for sure you need to purchase this book. The message is priceless.

Here’s how the story begins. A quiltmaker, who happens to live in the clouds, makes beautiful quilts that she does not sell. She only gives them away to the poor & needy. This should not present a problem. However, it does because the king is a greedy man who expects everyone to give him gifts. The problem is he hoards the gifts he receives. He does not want to share. He has so many gifts, they are everywhere.

The king asks the quiltmaker for one of her beautiful quilts. She denies him, telling him that she only gives them to the poor & needy. Do you think that stops him? Of course it doesn’t. He’s the king. Furthermore, the quiltmaker tells the king that she’ll give him one of her quilts if he gives away the gifts he’s been hoarding.

“NO WAY,” says the king.

“Well, no way,” says the quiltmaker.

Through a series of situations in which the king tries to force the quiltmaker to give him a quilt, the king learns one of life’s most valuable lessons. What is it??? Well, I guess you’re just going to have to buy it at your local bookstore or borrow it @ your local library. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!


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