Now that I’ve had a couple week’s downtime, I feel that I am sufficiently rested to be able to reflect upon the school year so far with a clear mind. I cannot believe how overwhelming this thing called teaching can be.

This year and last year, I have alternated between feeling on top of the world to feeling like a mediocre mess to feeling like one of the biggest slackers in the world. I know that I am not a slacker. I do indeed have my plate full. But I know that if I was a little bit more organized that I could get a little more done. Time is winding down though. In only 6 month’s time, I will have earned my Master’s degree and my preliminary teaching credential. My plate will be less full. Thank you Jesus and Hallelujah!

Although I have had an amazing year despite all the hardships and obstacles to overcome, I would not recommend this course to anyone else. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I simply cannot believe that I have made it this far with my sanity intact. At times I couldn’t even think straight. I am already forgetful, but with all of the pressure, I have misplaced and lost so many things that are essential to my teaching and my daily life it’s ridiculous. I’ve typed out my lesson plans and lost them. I’ve lost my keys, my cell phone (for 2 weeks-it was in the back of my car), my T.E.’s, copies, etc.

I am soooo happy that I am almost finished school. Even though I wouldn’t recommend earning your teaching credential while teaching to anyone (if I had it to do all over again this way, I sure wouldn’t),I have to admit that I have learned so much. This is the kind of knowledge that you only get from experience.

I have had many experiences that I do not care to repeat in the past year, but they have made me the better person for it.

It Has To Land Sometime! RIGHT!

The plane has to land sometime; especially when it’s in a holding pattern and has been that way for quite a long time. I feel like my life is perpetually on hold or in a holding pattern. I’m not moving forward. I think this means that there is still a lesson that I need to learn. It is something that I’m missing that I need to get so I can move on. What is it? I need to find out so I can get on with the business of living.

Carnival Of The Animals by John Lithgow

Carnival of the Animals (2004), written by John Lithgow and illustrated by Boris Kulikov, was quite a treat. It even has a music CD in the back of the book. The New York City Ballet choreographer, Christopher Wheeldon, wanted to create a new ballet based on Camille Saint-Saëns’s orchestral suite Carnival of the Animals. He asked John Lithgow to help him turn it into a children’s story with rhyming narration. Did it work? Yes, it did.

This was my latest purchase from the .99¢ store believe it or not. I got three to give away as presents for the Book Club. I’ve never seen the musical, but I did like the book. Now, on to the review.

carnival of the animals

As the book begins, we see young Oliver Pendleton Percy the Third, a mischievous imp of a lad as he stows away in the Natural History Museum. As he sleeps, once familiar folks become animals and invade his dreams.

For example, the students who went to his school

Were hyenas, determined to break every rule.

And in shabby brown tweeds with an old yellow tie on,

Professor McByrd was turned into a lion!

In his dreams exist the most dreaded of all species, The Greater New York younger sibling. Next are the twins, Aspidistra & Myrtle, who went to the park every Sunday where they’d sit and they’d stare. Recalling their years with the Follies Bergère. The book goes on to tell the story of Oliver Pendleton Percy the Third’s exploits in the museum. Wanna’ know how it ends? I guess you’re going to have to read it. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Bartholomew & The Oobleck by Dr. Seuss

bartholomew and the oobleckBartholomew & the Oobleck (1949), written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss, was a nice read. I don’t know how I never ending up reading this book, but I never did until this May. I read it to my class. We were supposed to make the oobleck but ended up running out of time. That’s okay ’cause I will make this one of my first science experiments when I return to work. I would recommend this book for children as young as 4 years old. Now, on to the review.

The story begins:

They still talk about it in the Kingdom of Didd as The-Year-the-King-Got-Angry-with-the-Sky. And they still talk about the page boy, Bartholomew Cubbins. If it hadn’t been for Bartholomew Cubbins, that King and that Sky would have wrecked that little Kingdom.

As usual, stories are about silly rulers who shouldn’t be rulers at all. The same holds true for this story. The king is so silly, he’s growling @ the sky. He’s actually mad about what comes down from the sky.

In the springtime when rain came down, he growled.

In the summer time when the sun shined, he growled at that.

In autumn when the fog came down, he growled at that.

In winter, when the snow came down, he became furious. So mad was he at those same four things that he commissioned his Royal magicians to create something NEW.

Does he really know what he’s asking for? Do the Royal Magicians create something new?

Of course they do. It’s called Oobleck.

What is Oobleck? This is oobleck (click here).

What happens with the oobleck is for me to know and you to find out. Go pick it up @ your local library or bookstore if you wanna’ find out.