ZOOM by Diane Adams

zoomZoom (2006), written by Diane Adams, and illustrated by Kevin Luthardt is a fun, rollercoaster ride of a book.

I actually meet this author. She’s a friend of my Children’s Literature teacher, Katherine, from APU. So, Katherine got her to come to the class, read the story aloud, and share her experience with us. That night in class was very laid back and relaxed. It was a welcome break from the intensity of the program. She was really nice and down to earth. I liked the book. The illustrations are colorful and the text is full of great rhymes. There were a lot of colorful little back stories. In fact, according to Diane, the illustrator actually put himself in the book. He’s the dad. Well, enough about that, on to the review.

The little boy in the story is finally tall enough to ride the DINO COASTER. He’s nervous but excited while he stands in line. He bravely climbs aboard and fastens his seatbelt. He’s a little scared, but his dad assures him that he’ll be fine.

“All aboard,” the crewman cries.

I lock my seatbelt, close my eyes.

The book describes what a child’s first rollercoaster ride would be like. The text fits together perfectly describing the ride. After reading this to my daughter (which the author personally autographed for her), she was curious about rollercoasters. If your little one is curious about rollercoasters and would like to see how it ends, you’re just going to have to read it for yourself. It’s a cute little book. You’l like it.