The Big Elephant In The Room by Lane Smith

big elephant” Well? What is it? Is it the big elephant in the room?,” one friend asks another.

I loved this book. I thought it was cute. However, others…not so much! I read other reviews where the reviewers did not care for this book. I understand there’s an underlying theme in regard to one friend not sticking up for the other, but I liked it nonetheless. If the children pick up on that particular element, we’ll discuss it. If not, it will be just another silly Lane Smith book I’ll read to my students. N-e way, on to the review.

The Big Elephant in the Room (2009), written & illustrated by Lane Smith is a book I would recommend for children as young as 4-5. It’s a cute, silly little book. the book stars two donkey friends, one geeky and one cool.  The cool one keeps listing all these mean things that he thinks the geek is upset with him about. This is the part the other reviewers were not particularly fond of. The cool donkey rattles off a list of things he thinks the geeky donkey will be offended about. It turns out the cool donkey has “done” quite a few things to the geeky donkey. So, what is it? What could be the big elephant in the room? I guess you’re going to have to read it and find out for yourself.


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