An Interesting Discussion With Phillise

I just had an interesting discussion with Phillise. As I was writing a book review that E.B. Lewis illustrated, Phillise noticed his name and said,

I love my hair

“Hey, that’s the same person who illustrated “I Love My Hair.”

“You are absolutely right,” I said. I missed it. Good job of catching that. Give me a high five. I was so proud of my little girl. Only seven years old and she recognizes illustrators and authors. I’m proud of myself for training her well. I can remember explaining the difference between authors and illustrators when she was four years old. She wondered why I had more than one book by the author. At this point I discussed authors and illustrators with her, we researched their background and how they came to be in their present career. I told her that once I liked an author’s style, that I wanted to read more of their works and find out more about them. She found this information interesting. So, now when she finds a book she likes, she wants to know more about them.

But, that’s not what we had the discussion about. We discussed how she thought Judith Viorst’s book judith viorst“MY MAMA SAYS THERE AREN’T ANY ZOMBIES, GHOSTS, VAMPIRES, CREATURES, DEMONS, MONSTERS, FIENDS, GOBLINS, OR THINGS,” would be better titled “Sometimes, even mamas make mistake”. So, not being one to pass up a teachable moment, I had her re-read the book to me, then we looked at what was going on in the story, how many times monsters were mentioned and how many times his mama made a mistake. I then asked her why she thought that. She actually gave me a pretty good reason. As it turned out, the mother making mistakes and monsters being mentioned was actually pretty even. There were as many instances of monsters as the mother making a mistake. However, I asked her which one did she think was a catchier title; which one would sell more. We agreed it was the current one and ended the discussion. It was a pretty good discussion to have with her. Afterwards, she went in her room to make a book of her own. She asked me to help her bind it. I love my beautiful, smart & creative little girl. I hope to have many more conversations like this with her.


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