It’s All About Who You Know!

I haven’t so many things on plate, I don’t know where to begin. However, this one problem has been the most pressing because it deals with my being able to get and keep a job. Well, God is working it out for me. At the beginning of summer, boredom was one of my biggest problems. I wish that was the extent of it now. Let’s see, where do I begin?

  • Well, I have four Incompletes. Yep, you read right. Four.
  • I need to take a class that’s only offered in the Fall (for which I can’t register).
  • I need to find a new job.
  • I need an extension on my Intern permit (which LMU is dragging its ass on).
  • I am discouraged.

So, I’ll begin by saying that God really takes care of me. I had a meeting with the dean yesterday, which was kinda’ weird in itself. I made the appointment last week with the dean’s assistant, yet, she had no record of it. However, the dean being the compassionate person that she is, made time for me anyway. I just had to wait 10 minutes.

So, I get into the dean’s office, she asks me about the incompletes; why there are so many. To which I respond by bursting into tears. I didn’t mean to. It just happened. I was so embarrassed. Even worse, I couldn’t stop. I guess the stress of the past couple of years just got to me. My guard was down. N-e way, I composed myself and spoke with her. We made a plan to clear my incompletes. The only problem was that I need to take a class that’s only offered in the Fall. But, I can’t register because I owe the university money (which I don’t have right now). That’s when she suggested that I take the semester off, clear the incompletes, and do what’s called a private tutorial. I’ll explain that at a later date. I didn’t even know this option existed. It’s exactly what I need. I don’t have to attend a traditional class, plus I still get the credit. It’s all about what you know and who you know.

Needless to say I left the meeting feeling a renewed sense of confidence. I completed my incomplete petitions and left feeling on top of the world. God really takes care of me.


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