Guess How Smart I Am?

Well, guess! I am so smart that I didn’t know that David started school on Monday. Yes, people, today is Wednesday. The year just started and already, he’s missed 3 days of school. I could just scream.


Books To Read The First Weeks Of School, Part 3

Miss MalarkeyMiss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind, by Judy Finchler, is a book I could have written myself. It’s about a teacher who loves to read trying to inspire the same desire in her students. The exciting part begins when the school enters a contest to read 1,000 books. However, Miss Malarkey doesn’t just want the students to read for the contest, she wants them to actually appreciate the joy of reading. The problem begins when four boys refuse to cooperate. One by one, Miss Malarkey finds three of them books they love. They now find themselves reading books instead of playing video games. Finally, Miss Malarkey finds a book for the last one. He wants to be the one to read the 1,000th book.

human race

Is There Really a Human Race?, by Jamie Lee Curtis, is a good book. (I’m running out of synonyms here!). I read it to my class to help them understand that, even though we look different, we’re all the same.

take a kiss to school

Take a Kiss to School, by Angela McAllister, will help those children who don’t want to go to school because they’re afraid their moms will miss them too much. So, the mom in the story comes up with a way to reassure her daughter that she’ll be okay while she’s at school. She fills her daughter’s pockets full of kisses so she can take them out and use them when she needs it. Somehow the mom manages to make it through the day without her daughter. It kinda’ reminds me of my separation anxiety from Phillise when she went to school. Cute! Very cute!

tightrope poppyTIGHTROPE POPPY the High-Wire Pig, by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, was a sweet little book about following your dreams. This book is a must read for anyone who dreams of a career path out of the ordinary. Poppy wants to be a tightrope artist. Even though this is not the typical thing that a pig does, she decides to leave home and follow her dreams. The circus owner welcomes her aboard and tells her to practice. She tells him that she doesn’t need practice. When her big day comes, she falls in front of everyone. She is so embarrassed that she wants to quit but she doesn’t. She takes the owner’s advice and practices. When she gets her chance again, she is the hit of the show. All of her practice and perseverance pays off. The message- You can do anything you want to do. Live your dream.

I Hate to Read by Rita Marshall,I hate to read was a book I received straight from the publisher to review in advance. I liked it. In the book the title character, Victor, is a good kid, but he was a victim of the “I Hate to Read” syndrome. He hates to read. That is until he meets the crocodile in the white coat who introduces him to the many adventures he can experience in a book. Trust me, your students will love it. By the time you finish reading the book, some of your students may very well learn to love reading. Check it out!

Inspired Me!

I am so inspired. I got a dose of inspiration from last weekend’s Los Angeles Black Book Expo. There were many authors & wanna-be authors there. I am one of them. One of the key things that inspired me was this psychologist/writer/publisher from Texas (I cannot remember her name right now). She gave a workshop on finding your true writing style based on your personality. I have to say that it was spot on. She basically told me about myself, books I like to read and write, and how I write them from the personality inventory I filled out.

SHUT UP!! She even told me that I was a procrastinator. I am! And one thing, in particular, that I’ve been procrastinating on is getting my book published that I wrote 2 years ago. I wanted it to be a picture book, but it’s more suited for a young adult novel.

First of all, the story that I want to publish, began as an essay for one of my classes @ APU. My professor loved it. Once I thought about it, I loved it too. It was a pretty great little story to have been written in two days. It was quite good. Good enough to be published. I’ve let others read the story and they’ve agreed also. However, I’ve been so nonchalant about polishing it off and getting Dakota to illustrate it, since he’s such a fantastic artist.

So, I spoke with the publisher about my lack of inspiration in getting it published. Since she’s a psychologist also, I asked her why I do that. She told me. So, now I’m trying to get up the inspiration to get the story together and send it off to the publisher.

Sam & Dakota are out the house, so it’s kinda’ peaceful. I might start tonight. How ’bout that? How ’bout now?