25 Books To Read The First Weeks Of School

Dear Readers,

Just thought I’d share this. Even though this list is 4 years old, it’s still the list I choose from. Enjoy!

Here is a complete list of my pick of 25 books to read the first few weeks of school. Enjoy!

  1. A Very Full Morning by Eva Montanari
  2. Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco
  3. Ruby the Copycat by Peggy Rathmann
  4. I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont
  5. Just Like Sisters by Angela McAllister
  6. Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon by Patty Lovell
  7. Secret of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
  8. Mr. Peabody’s Apples by Madonna
  9. The Color of Us by Karen Katz
  10. A Child is a Child by Brigitte Weninger
  11. Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind by Judy Finchler & Kevin O’Malley
  12. Is There Really a Human Race by Jamie Lee Curtis
  13. Take a Kiss to School by Angela McAllister
  14. Tightrope Poppy the High-Wire Pig by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
  15. I Hate to Read by Rita Marshall
  16. Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
  17. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
  18. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst
  19. Listen Buddy by Helen Lester
  20. David Goes to School by David Shannon
  21. Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran
  22. A Fire Engine for Ruthie by Leslea Newman
  23. Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Muncsh
  24. When I Was Little (A 4 Year old’s Memoirs of Her Youth) by Jamie Lee Curtis
  25. I’m Gonna’ Like Me (Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem) by Jamie Lee Curtis

If you’re not seeing this from my blog, here are the individual links:

  1. here (Books 1-5)
  2. here (Books 6-10)
  3. here (Books 11-15)
  4. here (Books 16-20)
  5. and here Books 21-25).

2 thoughts on “25 Books To Read The First Weeks Of School

  1. Hey, Morocco, good to see you back.
    No, I have not read it, but have seen it. I am going to the bookstore today and will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

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