The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster

The Hello, Goodbye Window (2005), written by Norton Juster & illustrated by Chris Raschka, was a good read that left me with a nice feel good feeling. Winner of the 2006 Caldecott Medal, Chris Raschka really hit the ball out the park with this one. The illustrations are a type of watercolorish drawing. They are very beautiful with very vivid colors that’s sure to further spur the imagination of those for whom this book was intended.

The little girl in the story really enjoys spending time with her grandparents. She begins her story by explaining that: Nanna and Poppy live in a big house in the middle of town. There’s a brick path that goes to the back porch, but before you get there you pass right by the kitchen window. That’s the Hello, Goodbye Window. It looks like a regular window, but it’s not.

This is how we are introduced to the Hello, Goodbye Window. She tells you everything you can do at the Hello, Goodbye Window: climb up on the flower barrel and tap the window, press your face against the window, play Continue reading “The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster”