Why The Sneer?

Okay, dear readers, this is my rant. I got a lil’ something to say it, here it goes. My daughter, Phillise, has had great teachers during her short time in school. I’ve had great relationships with them all. They’ve all been really nice with sparkling personalities. That is…up until now. Her current teacher is not mean, she’s just not as personable as the others. She’s kinda’ dry with little personality. The first day I met her on the first day of school, she was very dry. I didn’t really care for her then, but decided to hold off on forming an opinion. Well, last night, @ back to school night, I made up my mind about her. I really don’t like her. She made a comment about Phillise’s writing; that she thought it was really good and that my baby is very creative.

I know you’re probably thinking, Well, what made you mad? She’s complimenting your child. Okay, I’ll get to it.

I told her that Phillise was no stranger to books, as we have a small library in our house. I also told her that she knows how to do book reports and how to make and bind her own books. I also told her that we were colleagues, since I’m a teacher.

“Yes, Phillise told me that you’re a special ed. teacher,” she said with a sneer.

Did I miss something? The last time I looked, a special ed. teacher is a teacher is a teacher. I work so hard. It’s unfortunate that some people still think that special ed. teachers are babysitters.

Once I realized she was sneering. I told her that I was no babysitter and that I teach my students OCR. I was so mad at myself for explaining anything to her. If she believes that I’m a babysitter, so be it. I don’t owe anything to her. I could go on, but I won’t. I’ll end it here so I won’t say something that I regret. That is all I have to say on that.

That, my dear sir or madam, is my rant for the day!


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