Time To Move On!

I’m not sure if I wrote on this blog before about my dreams. If I did, this is a continuation of that. If not, I got a little story to tell you, like to hear it, here it goes. We, as human beings, are so preoccupied with our daily lives that we don’t pay attention to small things that God is trying to tell us. Our minds are not open to answers because they are not quiet; there’s too much noise. However, when we are sleep, we are more open to answers we couldn’t hear during our waking life. So, what I’m saying is that answers are easier to hear in our dreams, when we are not so preoccupied.

That being said, I’ve had quite a dilemma that I needed to get an answer to. However, as with many people, I was having a little trouble getting my mind quiet. So, I thought I’d pray about it and listen for the answer in my sleep.

My dilemma-I wanted to go back to my old job. I thought there was a slim chance of that, but I was willing to jump at it nonetheless. I felt like I was abandoning my students when I knew perfectly well that that was not the case. Although it was not my choice to move on, I knew that it was time to do so, but would have stayed for the children. However, I also wanted this new job that I am in the running for. I had been praying for an answer beyond a shadow of a doubt that moving on was the correct move. Well, I prayed before I went to sleep last night and got my answer. Without a doubt, it is time to move on. In my heart of hearts, I knew it, but wasn’t ready to accept it. Now, I know what must be done.


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