Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 (1953), written by Ray Bradbury, is an engrossing futuristic tale of a society where all printed material is banned. In this country of the future, officials believe that people who read and are able to think for themselves are a threat to the nation where individualism is strongly discouraged. The inhabitants of this society all seem to be suffering from sensory deprivation and their only link to news and entertainment is a large television screen on the wall where broadcasts are continually transmitted to the “family.” All the people are members of the Family. Even though they aren’t forced to watch the telecasts, they all do.

It is the job of firemen (this movie was made long before they were referred to as firefighters) to hunt down subversives and burn the caches of books they’ve secreted away. The title, Fahrenheit 451, is the temperature at which book paper catches fire and starts to burn.

Can I just tell you that this book used to scare me? I was so scared of this book actually coming true. This kinda’ reminded of that Twilight Zone episode with the man who goes into a bank vault to read when a bomb goes off. I guess it serves him right, that he’s so happy that everyone is dead and he can read all he wants without human interference, that his glasses fall off and break. How heartless. Now he can’t read. He’s left alone with all the books in the world, without any glasses to read them.

How horrible! But, which one is worse? Having all the books in the world and not being to read it or not having books to read at all???? Either way, it sucks! I hope we will never have to deal with this, ever!!!


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