McDonald’s Trick or Treat Coupons

The cost= $1.50 for a packet of 12 coupons.

What you get?= 3 bags of Apple Dippers, Small Apple Juice or Milk jug, small cone, or Hamburger.

Who it’s for= 12 and under. My McDonald’s a stickler for this. They’re actually kinda’ anal about it.

It’s a limit of one coupon per customer per visit.

I love these coupons. They’re sold year-round and are good for 2-3 months @ a time. I began purchasing them when David was in Kindergarten (Gee, has it been that long?). I’d pick him up from school, take him to McDonald’s & let him have his pick. He loved it. This was at a time when I was low on funds, but he didn’t know because he still got his treat @ the end of the day. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

**P.S.- Mine don’t look like this. They look slightly different.**


2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Trick or Treat Coupons

  1. Kim, I am not sure where rhese can be used since my local McDonald’s discontinued them. Ask the gifter where they were purchased. They will be definitely be usable at the place of purchase.

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