I Don’t Like To Read! by Nancy Carlson

I Don’t Like to Read!, written & illustrated by Nancy Carlson, is a book that I’ve book looking for. I am always on the lookout for amazing books; especially ones that deal with slow learners or those with learning disabilities. This book, my latest purchase, deals with slow learners. The hero of the book is a little boy named Henry. He’s now in first grade and he’s learning lots of new things. But there was one thing Henry did not like about first grade…READING!

This is a really good part. I know a lot of slow learners or special education students will really empathize & identify with Henry. He feels so left out. When his teacher Mr. McCarthy asks who wants to read, everyone volunteers. Everyone, that is, except Henry. Henry never volunteers to read. HE.HATES.READING!

“Reading is boring!” he said.

No matter what, whenever Henry was asked to read (@ school or @ home), he said, “No. I don’t like to read! It’s dumb!”

His teacher, being the wise soul that he is, asks Henry why he doesn’t like to read. Henry responds, “Because all the words and letters just don’t make any sense!” cried Henry. His teacher tells him that it’s okay, that everyone learns to read in their own way and that with a little extra help, he’d be reading soon. Henry still wasn’t so sure about that. But he started getting extra help with his reading at school.

Pretty soon letters and words around him started to make sense. (The book shows him reading another Nancy Carlson book, “I Like Me”.)

The pivotal part of the story happens when his babysitter is reading a brand-new book to him and his little brother. Just as she gets to the best part, her friend calls and won’t stop talking. What is Henry going to do? He really wants to know how the story turns out. Not to mention the fact that his little brother is begging him to finish it also. What do you think Henry does?

I guess you’re going to have to read it to rind out. As always, check it out @ your local library or bookstore. You’ll like it. I highly recommend it.

*** I had Phillise read this book and was quite surprised by her response. She said she felt the same way when she was beginning to read. We used to work on Starfall.com together. She told me she hated it. I didn’t know that she felt that way. I thought she loved it. I would never have thought my little read-a-holic felt that way. This lets me know that I really need to write my own book. Once again, go out and get this book.***


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