New Family Wanted

Yes, dear readers, this is my rant for the month. I am so tired of my family’s antics. Most of them are so cheap. So, instead of running the risk of getting into a family feud with everyone picking sides, I will just do what I do best- blog about it.


New family members to replace old family members. Must:

1.) enjoy participating in family functions,

2.) being on time.

3.) participate in potluck. If you say you’re going to bring it, then bring it.

4.) have everyone’s best interest @ heart.

5. know that Thanksgiving is not Takesgiving, where you arrive a couple hours late and load up on food that you did NOT bring.

Always remember- Absolutely NO sabotage is allowed.

If you are interested in replacing any old family members, you can reach me @ THAT MY DEAR READER is my rant for the month.

Thank you so much and do have a nice day!


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