The Perfect Reply…

I was just thinking about a scene from You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan wishes she could have the perfect reply. She’s always at a loss for words when it comes to telling someone what she really thinks when she’s in an argument with them. Well, the time comes & she does have the perfect reply. The only thing is that she regrets it the instant she says it.

Have you ever had that happen to you? Well, I had it happen to me & it was just like Meg Ryan’s moment of epiphany. I felt no satisfaction. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I felt so terrible afterwards. I apologized, but that’s the funny thing about words- once they’re said, they’re said. I guess the perfect reply really isn’t a perfect reply after all.

I guess the next time you have the perfect reply…you can just keep it to yourself!

HERE’S TO 2010!


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