A Lazy Saturday!

Today was a lazy Saturday. I was disappointed because I’d planned to go to Souplantation for breakfast. Unfortunately they only serve breakfast on Sundays. I didn’t get a chance to eat that great Souplantation breakfast buffet, but this is what I learned this morning:

1.) It’s okay to change your mind sometimes,

2.) A message on Facebook told me that I see things as I am, not as they are. I immediately agreed that it was true. It’s like I have some type of blockage all around me. I keep trying to deal with this particular issue of mine, but cannot seem to get past a certain point. Even though it’s tough, I will continue on,

3.) I can control my emotions and not let my emotions control me,

4.) Last, but not least, family is so important.

Maybe today wasn’t such a lazy day after all.

HERE’S TO 2010!