Shortest Resolve In History…

I was so gung-ho last night. I decided that I needed to change my negative way of thinking. I was so inspired by my nephew who just moved back home last night. He’s so positive that some of it rubbed off on me. Well, that optimism lasted for less than a day. Why you ask?

Well, God just isn’t on my side.

  • I can’t buy a job to save my life,
  • I’m behind on so much stuff,
  • I hate life. Sometimes I curse the day when I wake up,
  • I just got a fucking ticket for not stopping at a stop sign. You sure can tell the state of California needs money.
  • I’ve decided that I do not believe in God the way I used to. I’ve decided he’s not in the habit of helping me out for the past couple years. So, I don’t choose to believe in him anymore.

My power of positive thinking lasted for less than 24 hours. I think I like my negative way of thinking. It obviously works for me. As a man thinketh, so is he!


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