The Wrong Seasoning! (My Teacher Hates Me!)

When I go to Costco, I usually get this seasoning, McCormick’s Taco Seasoning. It takes my cooking to the next level. It’s sooooo good. I usually love my own food. Lately, not so much. The flavor has been slightly off. I knew something was off,  yet I couldn’t pinpoint it. I was cooking with the same amount of love and dedication, but something just wasn’t right.

I kept looking @ the seasoning. It looked the same, but something was off. That’s when I noticed it. I hadn’t bought my usual seasoning, I’d bought this seasoning, McCormick’s Chili Seasoning Mix. They look so similar. I just picked up the Chili seasoning instead of the Taco seasoning in Costco without looking. They only look slightly different but the taste difference is huge.

Looking at them, it is not hard to confuse them. The same can be said for having the wrong teacher in school. If you look @ any teacher, you cannot tell just by looking @ them if they are any good or not; whether it’s a “seasoned” teacher or a new teacher.

It’s sad to say, but teachers are people too. That can manifest as immaturity on the teacher’s part. If a teacher doesn’t like a student, the teacher can make the student’s life a living hell. The teacher-student relationship is a very fragile one, indeed. Many parents don’t listen to their children when they have complaints about their teacher. Big mistake. So, the next time your child complains about a personality conflict or says their teacher doesn’t like them, sit up & pay attention! Take it seriously. Very seriously!

If you have the wrong seasoning, something’s going to be slightly off. Once something has been seasoned with the wrong seasoning, it takes a lot to make the “dish” right. To make it right, you have to do double time. Not only do you have to try to undo the previous seasoning, but you have to re-season it the right way. I agree that it’s nearly an impossible job.

Here are some articles for your enrichment on the subject: Personality conflict [1], [2], [3], & [4]


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