The Key?

Keys, or rather losing them, has been a repeating theme in my life. When I started working at my new job, I had no keys. Seriously, I mean I literally didn’t have keys. Not even to my classroom since the former teacher lost them. Add to that, the fact that I thought I lost the key to my van (of which there is only one). This was a great inconvenience because if it had not been found, I would have had to have another one made to the tune of $160. I’m not sure if $160 is expensive to you, but it is to me.

Well, I relate this to finding the key. I feel like I’ve finally almost found the key to this teaching “thing”. I know that I still have much to learn, but these are my specialties- teaching metacognitive strategies, assessment & analysis of students’ Present Level of Performance (PLOP), writing realistic goals.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is development of the whole child. How some teachers neglect to educate the whole child totally confuses me.  I’ve found that a hungry cannot concentrate, nor can a cold child concentrate. Picking up spare jackets from the thrift store or the local discount stores for students to wear in school, or having snacks handy for a hungry child does wonders.

Teachers, what “keys” have you discovered? Let me know!


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