Dial-A-Librarian or Dial-A-Story

I love the Public Library System. They have so many services available. They have definitely stepped up their game & stepped into the 21st century. They have this great feature called Dial-A-Librarian or Dial-A-Story. Your child is able to call up the number and hear a story over the phone.

I called the libraries and you do not have to live in their area. The only thing you have to worry about is your long distance bill as some of the numbers are not local. Here are a list of numbers of the librarians that participate in the Dial-A-Librarian program:

City of Santa Clara- (408) 241-1611 (http://library.santaclaraca.gov/index.aspx?page=1600)

Toronto Public Library- (416) 395-5400 (http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/spe_ser_dialastory.jsp)

Salina Public Library- (785) 823-3333 (http://www.salpublib.org)

Marin Public Library- (415) 499-6051   (http://www.marinlibrary.org/kids/dial-a-story/index.php)

I found another huge Dial-a-Story list (Thanks to Phone Phun), complete with pictures: (http://dialastory.highachievement.org). I called a couple of the numbers. The list is not current, but other stories are still available.

I have used the Dial-A-Librarian service. It was when Purplicious first came out & I wanted to know if the book was any good before I bought it. Sure enough, I was read the whole story and decided to buy it. So, check out this service. It’s nice!

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