Eight Ways To Get Your Child To Read For The Summer

Taken directly from The New York State Library website.

Eight Ways To Get Your Child To Read For The Summer

  1. Get your child a library card @ your local library.
  2. Sign your child up for the Summer Reading program @ the local library.
  3. Read with your child every day. Take advantage of “waiting” time to share books: on trips, @ the doctor’s office, at the grocery store.
  4. Take a basket of books for reading breaks for the sun, water, and sand at the beach, lake, or pool.
  5. Read on your own & talk to your child about what you’re reading. Families who share reading experiences have children who read well.
  6. Visit the library every week and bring the whole family. Need books in languages other than English? Ask a librarian.
  7. Use the closed captioning during TV shoes so children see the words as they hear them.
  8. Keep a list on the refrigerator of the books everyone has read during the summer.

For more information, visit: www.summerreadingnys.org


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