Things I Simply Refuse To Do…

I was talking to my husband yesterday about being a good teacher. I don’t like to brag, but I do toot my own horn when it comes teaching. There are not many things I consider myself excellent at, except teaching & being creative (crafts).

I refuse to:

  • water grass that’s already green. By this I mean giving the “good” kids attention. I’m not saying I ignore them. I’m just saying they get enough attention from being “good”. The “bad” kids are the ones that need positive attention. They need that to stop being the “bad” kid. I “water” them. I make sure they get the positive reinforcement they need; whether it’s a high-five for not disrupting the class for 5 minutes; or a gold star for completing a task. For all intents and purposes, they are brown, wilting grass. They are the ones that need watering the most.
  • disrespect a child & treat them as if they don’t matter,
  • treat a “bad” kid like they are bad,
  • not give my all,
  • be content with second best,
  • let a child out of my classroom without higher self-esteem, higher test grades, etc….

It is my job as a teacher to do all of this and more. Here’s to putting this into place @ my next job.


2 thoughts on “Things I Simply Refuse To Do…

  1. Your statements contradict each other. “Good” kids stay “good” because they are not ignored- someone is paying attention to them and values them.

  2. JMM, my statements do not contradict each other. You miss the point. I did not say “good” kids will not stay “good”. I said I would not unnecessarily “water” them to the exclusion of the “bad” kids.

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