Max Elliot Anderson News

Lost Island Smugglers – Book # 1 in the NEW Sam Cooper Adventure Series

Release Date- August 1, 2010

Max Elliot Anderson – Author

Readers 8 – 13 – Especially Boys – Action-Adventure-Mystery

Port Yonder Press – SharksFinn Imprint

ISBN 9781935600022

Paperback – 263 pages – $12.95 US – $15.95 CAN

Distributor – Ingram

Captain Jack’s Treasure & River Rampage next in the series

Synopsis – Lost Island Smugglers

Sam Cooper had just moved to Harper’s Inlet

when he met Tony. Tony’s father owned a marina.

Sam, Tony, and Tyler took scuba lessons together.

Tony got them in for free. After they completed the

course, the boys decided to try out their new skills in

the real world…the ocean. The only problem was,

no one had permission.

While Tony’s father was away on a buying trip,

the boys took one of the rental sailboats out for their

diving adventure. Everything went well until the

biggest storm Tony had ever seen blew up from out

of nowhere, and the boys found themselves stranded

on Lost Island.

But, if they thought the worst had happened, they

were wrong. The boys discovered a secret hideout

that was used by men in high powered speedboats.

Sam and his friends knew the men were up to

something, only they didn’t know what. They had to

find a way to stop them, but how? And, even if they

did, the boys could never tell anyone about it. Join

Sam Cooper, Tony, and Tyler on their scary scuba,

ocean, island adventure.

Flower Girl Butterflies by Elizabeth F. Howard

Flower Girl Butterflies (1998), written by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard & illustrated by Christiane Krömer just happens to be one of the cutest books ever. I really love the illustrations. I reviewed this book for my childrens’ literature class. We had to read & review 25 current children’s books & make a page. Well, I made a beautiful page for this one. It was actually one of the best I made. Here are a couple of pics. I’m not sure if you can see it or not, but it has a 3-D effect. Anyway, on to the review.

The title character, Sarah, is going to be in her Aunt Robin’s & her new Uncle Jeff’s wedding. She’s going to be the flower girl. She is so nervous. Everybody will be watching her & she doesn’t want to mess up. One thing she is excited about is going shopping with Aunt Robin to find her pretty flower girl dress.

She tries on five dresses. She likes the fifth one.

“What do you think Sarah?” Aunt Robin asked me.

“Which one do you like?” I asked Aunt Robin.

“The one you have on now,” she said, giving me a hug.

“Ooooh, Aunt Robin,” I said. I just knew my aunt and I would choose the same dress. I love my beautiful dress so much! But I’m still scared about being a flower girl.

Suddenly Sarah begins thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong:

Suppose I drop my basket? Suppose I trip and fall down? What if she gets a sore throat? The measles? Chickenpox?

She doesn’t have much time to worry as the wedding nears & family members arrive. Spending time with her family makes her forget how scared she is. Well…almost! She’s still a little nervous. I don’t think she’s really going to get measles or chicken pox, but does anything happens to prevent her from being a flower girl? I guess you’re going to have read it to find out. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. I think this would be a good book to give to a little girl who will soon be a flower girl.

Check it out.