Mr. Peabody’s Apple addendum

I found this on A-Z Teacher forum. I thought it would make a nice addendum to my review on Mr. Peabody’s Apples by Madonna.
I use Madonna’s book Mr. Peabody’s Apples on the first day to introduce my glue activity. If you haven’t heard about this book it deals with how powerful our words are. It is an AWESOME book. I heard about it last summer at Great Expectations. 

After reading the book I do the activity.

To do the glue activity:

Each group needs one plate with glue. (I squeeze the glue out for each group)

Each student needs one toothpick.

I tell the kiddos that they have five minutes to get the glue back into the glue bottle using only their toothpicks. This of course is impossible.

After their time is up we talk about how the glue signifies our words and once they come out we can’t put them back in. That if you don’t have something nice to say than CHOOSE to say nothing at all.

I’ve used this two years now and the kiddos LOVE it!

Another activity I use is writing all the bad things we have been called or called someone else on toilet paper and flushing them down the potty.

I also have them decorate hearts and we crumple them as we pass them around. We discuss how we can unfold it but we can never completely smooth it out again and that their actions could damage someone else forever.

I hope this helps! I believe in teaching procedures the first week and mixing in activities like these. I always try to put in an activity like this when I see the kids not using their best manners with each other. I stress “Treating others how you want to be treated” all year long. I think it really helps with discipline!


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