A New Position????

I was contacted today by e-mail by a local school district. Apparently I’m in the running for a teaching position. I realllllllly hope I make it to the interview stage. Better yet I need to make it to the job. Pray for me. A sista’ needs a job!!!

SOS Million Teacher March

***I received this awhile ago, but forgot to post it. Please forgive me!***

Members of the Shoelaces for Teachers campaign are collecting shoelaces in honor of educators who work hard every day to help students to have a better future.  These teachers understand the true meaning of education and put the needs of students ahead of politics and savory sound-bites.

However, teachers could not succeed if not for the support of the community.  Therefore, shoelaces are also being collected in honor of people who are speaking up on behalf of education-people who demand that teachers receive the support needed to do their job and who insist that public education remains adequately funded and available to all. They also understand that, while some aspects of education (such as creativity, independent thinking, engagement and compassion) cannot be easily measured, they represent some of education’s greatest achievements.

When combined, all of these shoelaces become a “virtual march” in the name of education.

The string of collected shoelaces will be measured and revealed during the world premiere broadcast of the documentary “I Just Keep Going” on July 30, 2010 on Ustreamtv.  The stories of several of our honored teachers and supporters will be featured as part of this documentary.

We would be honored to include a shoelace representing you and your ongoing efforts in our campaign.  We would also encourage you to submit other shoelaces on behalf of other educators who have made a difference in the lives of students or who have worked hard to improve our educational system.  We encourage you to write your name on the shoelace you submit (or on an enclosed piece of paper).  We also would ask that you submit the name of other people being honored, should you submit additional laces.

Shoelaces may be old, new, plain, or creatively decorated. That part is entirely up to you!

Shoelaces should be mailed to: Laurie Murphy, 6414 Foster Road, Sebring, FL 33875.

The Shoelaces for Teachers Campaign is sponsored by the SOS Million Teacher March, an organization made of up teachers, parents, students, and other concerned citizens who are rallying together in support of education. To learn more about the Shoelaces for Teachers Campaign or the SOS Million Teacher March, please visit us at  www.sosmtm.com.  Should you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, feel free to contact me by telephone at (863) 386-4806 or by email at murphylauriet@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and for having such an incredible site.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Laurie Murphy


Save Our Schools Million Teacher March

If you would like more information regarding SOS, here’s the website: https://sites.google.com/site/sosmtm/