But God…

Taken directly from divazonemagazine.com
If we were to ever be totally honest with ourselves, we would be quick to acknowledge that over the course of our lives, we have done some things, been some places and said some things that we wish we could take back and that if it weren’t for God, we’d wonder how we ever made it.  These are our, But God! experiences.

Then there are the times when you wonder how your bills will get paid when your money is already spent well before payday; But God!

Times when your children won’t listen or do right; But God!

Times when you walk into your job only to find a pink slip with your name on it; But God!

Times when you go for a simple check-up only to learn that cancer has invaded your body; But God!

Times when you do all you can to be the perfect spouse or partner, yet to them, the grass always seems greener on the other side; But God!

Times when you work your fingers to the bone for ministry’s sake, and all you ever hear are complaints; But God!

Times when family and friends scandalize your name and call you everything except a child of God; But God!

Times when you just want to throw up both hands, turn and walk away; times when life seems unbearable and too much to face; But God!

Times when our rent or house payment are due and eviction/foreclosure is around the corner; But God!

It is in all these times when it is no one But God!, who reaches down from Heaven, picks us up out of our messes and places us on a road called straight.

It is no one But God!, who wipes every tear away, heals our bodies, protects our children, balances our finances, covers our marriages and relationships, strengthens us in ministry and keeps shelter over our heads.

Whenever we begin to feel down in the dumps, simply say, But God!

Donna Tucker is an ordained minister of the gospel and the founder/visionary of Café Connection for Women & Girls.  Café Connection focuses on establishing divine connections, locally, regionally & internationally, among women and girls who believe in the power of open and honest dialogue within an intimate and comfortable setting, on a consistent basis, created to bring forth inner peace, emotional healing and spiritual growth.  Café Connection simply opens the door for conversation of inner beauty and self-appreciation to begin.  For more information, speaking engagements, workshops or to start a Café, visit www.cafeconnectionforwomen.com or call 804-516-4429.


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