I Had The Naked @ School Dream!

I had the Teacher’s equivalent of the naked at school dream. I was there on time, but somehow got lost, so I ended up being late & picking up my class last. I was totally unprepared, didn’t have any of the materials I needed, the Principal was micromanaging me, & worst of all, my students wouldn’t listen to me. Boy was I happy when I woke up!!!

From a Kid’s Perspective!

I was reminiscing about my children’s first day of school. Specifically David & Phillise. When I took David to his first day of school, I neglected to tell him that it was a continuous thing. You know, that he had to go back day after day. He was so happy when I picked him up the first day of school. The problem the next day when I informed him that he was going to school.

“But I went yesterday,” he said.

Silly me. I didn’t think to tell him that. I had a similar experience when Phillise started her first day of school. When David started Pre-K, he only attended for 3 hours. That was okay because I wasn’t working then. However, by the time I had Phillise, I’d purchased a house & needed to work. So Phillise was at school all day @ an Early Education Center.

Here’s her story: My daughter is usually a very quiet child but when the teacher tried to get her to go to sleep, she screamed Bloody Murder! The teacher tried to explain to her that she was not going to stay there; that she was only taking a nap. Try explaining that to a 3-year old! Ms. Phillise simply would not hear anything about taking a nap. She fought tooth & nail. The teacher relented & let her stay up until she fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

I did not think to tell her that she was going to take a nap since she was going to be there most of the day. Since my children are “odd thinkers” like me, I should have known to tell her that. But, alas I didn’t. This may sound silly to you, but unless you want to go through what I went through, you need to be very specific with information you relay to your small children  regarding their school situation. Don’t forget to tell them:

  1. they may have to sleep there, but that you’re not abandoning them,
  2. this is only the first of many steps in their education,
  3. they may not like it,
  4. they’ll make new friends but not everyone will be their friend.

Moriah Read To Me Today!

Moriah read to me today. Not really! I read a book to her today that she absolutely loved. So, she had to read it herself. It was a medium length book, but she remembered what I read her. I was pretty impressed, considering she just turned 3 years old in July. I love that age. They’re so independent & full of life. In Moriah’s case she’s full of spice. I just love that little girl.

I Got My Wish???

I got my wish, I guess. For the longest time I wondered what it would be like to teach high-performing students, instead of Special Education students. Don’t judge me, just hear me out. It wasn’t a mean thing. I kinda’ wanted something to compare my students to.

I do admit that sometimes, my wish was borne of pure frustration. Why can’t they get this (rhetorical)? What am I doing wrong? Why is my job so challenging?

Anywho! That’s what I thought I wanted. Now that I am going to teach General Education, I don’t want to. I just want to get back to teaching Special Education. However, since I am a beggar & not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I will be quiet and accept the job.


GETTING TO HAPPY! (Sequel to Waiting To Exhale)

WAITING TO EXHALE sequel “Getting To Happy” Tour dates:

I am so happy that Terry McMillan has written a sequel to Waiting to Exhale, called Getting To Happy. She is currently writing the screenplay to be made into a movie. She’s going to be in L.A. on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 @:
Eso Won Bookstore

4331 Degnan Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 290-1048 ***Offsite venue – DETAILS TBD Event free and open to public.

For more information, click on this link.