A Trip Interrupted!

Today, I am so thankful for love, life, & being in my right mind because I can remember a time when that was not the case. What I am really thankful for is my interrupted trip to see family up north. Sounds funny, but let me explain. We have family visiting from Texas, so instead of 6 of us, there is now 7 of us. So, we were going to go on a road trip to Northern CA to see other family coming in from Texas also. Well, all 7 of us get up @ 4:30 this morning & we were actually out the house @ a little after 5 a.m. We stopped to get gas & ice then started on our way.

I was in & out of sleep until about 7:30 when I heard my little boy ask my husband to roll down the window. This was followed by a big “UH OH” by my husband! Can I just mention that that is not a nice way way to wake up?? Since my husband never wants to panic me since I can sometimes be excitable, I knew that something was REALLY wrong. That’s when I opened my eyes to see a lot of white smoke coming from behind us & in front of us. There was a lot of smoke. A LOT! If you know anything about cars, then you know that all that smoke is SO not a good thing.

We managed to pull over fairly easy since it was kinda’ early in the morning. For some reason I was at peace about the whole situation. Usually I start thinking about how bad things are or how expensive this could potentially be, but not this time. I didn’t understand why I was so at peace about it, but just rolled with it.

Shortly after we pulled over, the local police & firemen came to help us. They were really nice. The police man ended up calling AAA for us. The tow truck came & took us to the garage up the street where the mechanic told us that my baby, my 2000 Ford Windstar, was not worth fixing. The transmission blew & would cost $2500 to fix. Still for some reason I wasn’t really worried.

We eventually had the car towed to our mechanic in L.A. & came home. We tried in vain to rent a mini-van today, but for some reason, they were sold out all over L.A. We were going to have to go to Long Beach airport to rent one which would have added an extra hour to our trip. Not to mention that we were going to be charged for 2 days even though we were returning it tomorrow afternoon.

For some reason it was simply not meant for us to make this trip. When something like this used to happen, I would get mad only to find out later that something bad would have happened to us if we would have gone. I’m not happy with the situation but it happened for a reason. I don’t know what’s in store for me but things will work out like they always do.

When I think of what could have possibly happen, it scares me. The last time the transmission went out on me, the car stopped in its track. It simply would not move. That didn’t happen this time. Also we were going up hill. What would have happened if the van would have simply stopped on Interstate 5 freeway while going uphill with big trucks coming at a fast pace????? I really shudder to think!!!!

Dear Reader, that is why I thank God for life today. It is so precious & can be taken away at any time. CHERISH IT!!!!


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