UNLOVABLE by Dan Yaccarino

Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino (2001) is a must have book. It’s the story of self-esteem & learning to love yourself the way you are.

The book begins:

Alfred was unlovable. At least that’s what the cat told him every chance he got. That’s not all, though. The cat taught the parrot to say “Unlovable! Squawk! Unlovable!” whenever Alfred walked by. The goldfish gurgled in agreement. Not only was it the cat & the parrot, but dogs wouldn’t talk to him either. Alfred tried to ignore the hurtful comments, but he couldn’t help but wonder exactly what it was that made him unlovable. Was it his snoring? The way he ate? His little curly tail?

All seemed lost until the new neighbors & what do you know, a new dog! Would this dog treat him the same as everyone else or will he be a much needed fresh breath? To find out that answer, I guess you’re going to have to read it yourself.

I’ve reviewed a lot of books. This one really touched my heart so much because this is how I felt as a child. I felt so out of place no matter where I went. I didn’t feel pretty. I was always shorter than everyone else. It seemed that even the ones who should have been on my side, were not. It seemed like no one understood me until I met my friend of 30 years, Annette. We are still friends to this day. We met in 5th grade & became fast friends. We drifted apart a little after high school, but eventually found each other again. Everyone needs a friend who understands them. I hope you, my dear reader, does, in fact, have someone who understands you. Now you’ve done it. I’m tearing up thinking about it. But, I digress.

Do yourself a favor and go and pick this up @ your local library or bookstore.


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