Phillise’s STAR Test Results!

I finally got Phillise’s STAR test results back today. I am so proud of her. She scored in the Advanced range in both English-Language Arts & Math. She was higher in English-Language Arts than Math.

In the English-Language Arts category, there are 5 categories (Word Analysis & Vocabulary Development, Reading Comprehension, Literary Response & Analysis). It’s further broken down into Writing (Writing Conventions & Writing Strategies). She scored 100% in 4/5 categories. For Literary Response & Analysis, she scored 83%. She could have scored higher, but is not very patient when it comes to writing responses. She’s just like her mother on that. I’m working with her on this.

In Math, there are 5 categories also (Place Value, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication, Division & Fractions, Algebra & Functions, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics, Data Analysis & Probability). She scored 100% in 3/5 categories. The others she scored 86% & 91%.

I am so proud of her. I only have about 30 days left to work with her on these things with her so she can score even higher next time.

HERE’s TO 2010!


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