I Had Them At Hello!

So, I started my new job but have been too tired to post. It’s not like the job is super hard, it’s just that I’ve been a couch potato for a whole year. So, it’s going to take a little while to get used to working again. Anywho, this is how the day went. I got to work early (I was happy that my dream didn’t come true. I wasn’t late and so far, I have not been micro-managed by the Principal.) to finish up some last minute details.

I talked to my new students before the bell rang while they were lining up. Once the bell rang, I made sure they were in a straight line & we went up to the class. As we were climbing the stairs, I instructed them to wait until I gave them permission to enter the class. They complied.

Once we were in the classroom, I introduced myself & told them a little bit about myself. We then completed a Getting To Know You Inventory. It has two parts. One is for the student to list their answers. The second part is for the students to get signatures from their classmates. This made them talk to each other. The one glitch in the day came when two students wouldn’t stop talking.

“Are you serious,” I asked. You agreed to the rules & now you’re breaking them. You are on the honor system but you are not acting very honorably right now. Is that fair to me to be talking while I’m talking?

“No,” he answered. And he stopped talking. END OF STORY!!! There was no back talk or rolling of eyes.


I have to say that this class is SO different from my last job. At my last job it took me about three weeks to get the class under control. With this class, I had them @ hello!


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