I Have Readers!

Although teaching General Education is exhausting, I am slowly getting the hang of it. The one thing that’s soooooooooo great is that almost all of my students are readers. I have this one 4th grade student, who I will name Lisa, who reads 199 w.p.m. before mistakes. She read “If You’re Reading This, It’s Not Good for You” in 4 days. The book is about 400 pages. Plus, she did it while she was stick. In bed. While throwing up. With a stuffy nose.

One of my other students whose dad told me that he did not read prior to this, has already read four 100+ page books since the first week of school.

It’s really refreshing. I’d still like to get back to teaching Special Education. For now, though, I will teach General Education & see where it takes me. It’s a loooooooooot of work, but I’m enjoying it.


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