Soooooooo Much Planning……….

I feel like I’m finally conquering my biggest problem. PLANNING. I have never really had the time, nor did I know what I was doing. Although I do not claim to be an expert, I am so much better. I have to. I’m teaching a combination 4/5 split. So, I have really been a stickler for MAY DO’s & MUST DO’s. I started the first week of school. I made them practice & practice.

The one thing about this school are the interruptions. There are no protected times like I had @ L.A.U.S.D. during the Open Court block. There are liable to be a couple of interruptions. This is where MAY DO & MUST DO work comes in handy. For MAY DOs, they are allowed to read a book, write in their writing journal, & draw in their art journal. While, for MUST DOs, they must complete the morning’s writing, what if writings, & incomplete class work. As long as they are finished with all their MUST DOs, they are allowed to work on MAY DOs. Most of the choose reading. YAY!

I will continue to practice with them, but so far, they’re on target. I had to have an emergency conference with one of the students & most of them automatically went to the MUST DO basket & began working on their MUST DO work. YAY!


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