My Classroom Management System

I love my classroom management system. It works so well for me. I use the Lakeshore money. I even use time sheets.

This is how it works. I have a price list. One list shows how to make money (h.w., classroom job, etc.,). While the other list shows how to lose money & go into debt (bad attitude, being off-task, etc.,).

They keep track of everything with their time sheet. Everyday, they have a list of items to track (See time sheet below).  In order to get paid, they have to present their time sheet on Friday. If they lose it, I do not pay them. It is their responsibility to keep up with it for the entire week. Once they turn the time sheet in on Friday, I have them fill out the amount. I then have them write themselves a check that they are able to cash on Friday. This system works on their math skills, their behavior, and their responsibility. It helps them take ownership of their own education & behavior.

If you would like a copy of the time sheet and the price list, email me @


Name:__________________ Week of: _______________

Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Total
On task x 2=
Job x 2=
On time x 2=
Prepared x 3=
Homework x 5=
Attitude x 6=
Notes:If you have less than $70. Explain why.

On task= $2/day or $10/week

Job= $2/day or $10/week

On time= $2/day or $10/week

Prepared= $3/day or $15/week

Homework= $5/day or $25/week

Attitude= $6/day or $30/week


Total possible= $100/week

Scholastic Book Club

I set up a Scholastic Book Club in 2007, but never used it. Now, at my new school, I’m required to create a class website. So, I went back to the one I made at Scholastic. It’s not sufficient, but I still discovered a couple of features that I really like. I’m pretty happy with their shipping. I received my order within a week. Scholastic book club offers so many extras. I’ve already received 5 free books for my classroom library- Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Michaelsen, The Homework Machine Returns by Dan Gutman, Firegirl by Tony Abbott, Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen, & The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan.

My class was super excited about receiving The Homework Machine Returns by Dan Gutman. They are really looking forward to the November 7th release date of the  5th Diary of A Wimpy Kid. I am so happy to have a class of readers!