My Classroom Management System

I love my classroom management system. It works so well for me. I use the Lakeshore money. I even use time sheets.

This is how it works. I have a price list. One list shows how to make money (h.w., classroom job, etc.,). While the other list shows how to lose money & go into debt (bad attitude, being off-task, etc.,).

They keep track of everything with their time sheet. Everyday, they have a list of items to track (See time sheet below).  In order to get paid, they have to present their time sheet on Friday. If they lose it, I do not pay them. It is their responsibility to keep up with it for the entire week. Once they turn the time sheet in on Friday, I have them fill out the amount. I then have them write themselves a check that they are able to cash on Friday. This system works on their math skills, their behavior, and their responsibility. It helps them take ownership of their own education & behavior.

If you would like a copy of the time sheet and the price list, email me @


Name:__________________ Week of: _______________

Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Total
On task x 2=
Job x 2=
On time x 2=
Prepared x 3=
Homework x 5=
Attitude x 6=
Notes:If you have less than $70. Explain why.

On task= $2/day or $10/week

Job= $2/day or $10/week

On time= $2/day or $10/week

Prepared= $3/day or $15/week

Homework= $5/day or $25/week

Attitude= $6/day or $30/week


Total possible= $100/week


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