Flaming 7’s!

In the summer I went to Las Vegas with my friend of 30 years, Annette. We stayed at the Venetian. It is so nice. The suite we were in cost $1,389/night. It was nice, but not almost $1,400/night nice.  But, I digress.

We were there because Annette was in a Blazing 7’s slot machine tournament. The purpose was to get as many points in 10 minutes by continually pressing the button and getting Triple 7’s. The most points were attained by getting flaming 7’s. The flaming 7’s were very valuable with the winner receiving 1,199 points. The downside is that it also used most of their most valuable commodity- time. How many times does that happen when the very thing you need the most is what ends up working to your detriment.

Well, this  is happening to me because I need more time. I need more time to complete my studies. I need more time to plan my lessons. I need more time to spend with my husband and children… Well, you get the picture.

I feel as if I am being rewarded with all of my hard work with…you guessed it, more hard work. I love that my students are devouring books and that they are greedily sopping up all the information from class, but I need just a little more time. Can someone give me just a little more time????

No? I guess not. It was worth a shot, wasn’t it????


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