Damn You, Murphy!

I had very successful parent conferences. I had my final one today. Only 2 parents did not show. I wasn’t surprised though. It’s always at least one. That’s not what I want to talk about though. What I want to talk about is this jerk named Murphy and his law. Who is he and why is he always messing up my day?

I was on such a high from the fantastic parent conferences when I had a big comedown (Is that a word?) on Friday! I realized that I have to revise my schedule (Which I just put into place, btw) to pull two struggling students for a small group in between groups, if that makes sense. Well, I had to put off the next subject as I struggled to help a particularly argumentative student with his work. So, I was off schedule. But I fixed that, or so I thought. For math, I have the students complete a Problem of the Day. It is supposed to be an independent activity, but they asked for help today of all days. Anyway, I am going on much too long just to say that I was so unprepared for the Principal to visit. So, because of this jerk Murphy & his laws, she visited. I felt like a complete idiot. I am usually prepared, but I was NOT prepared at all yesterday.

DAMN YOU MURPHY!!! I’m going to get it together one of these days!!!


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