Donkey Poop???

As I was teaching my students about a folktale, two of my students were in disagreement as to its point of origin. I tried and tried to explain it, but they were not to be convinced. So, I had a brilliant idea to play that game where you whisper something in someone’s ear & try to see if it stays the same by the time it comes back to you. Well, one of my students started it with the phrase, Donkey Poop. (Uhh, Donkey Poop???) By the time, it got back around, it was Dog Poop. I was expecting a drastic change, but that was good enough to prove my point that stories change over time- sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. They totally got it.

Although I don’t think I’ll start it with Donkey Poop, I think I’ll use that little exercise all the time.